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Shit from the Lip
Hear the World initiative

Hey Idol´s www.idolrock.de ist seit dem 7.09.2009 neben BILLY IDOL und den anderen Stars, Vertreter der Hear the World initiative.

Hear the world

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by <a itemprop="author" href="/reviews/listing/?Author=Billy+Idol"><span itemprop="author">Billy Idol</span></a> |
Read by <a href="/reviews/listing/?Narrator=Billy+Idol">Billy Idol</a>
Biography &amp; Memoir • 12.25 hrs. • Unabridged •
© <span itemprop="copyrightYear">2014</span>

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<p>Billy Idol was among British punk's first wave, beginning with Generation X in the late seventies, and going on to become one of the first punk acts to succeed in the video medium in the eighties. To many, he defined the look, style, and snarl of punk, and he's not afraid to claim the mantle. He narrates his memoir in his unmistakable Cockney accent, which befits the more lurid tales of excess as well as the poignant sincerity lurking beneath the narrative. His voice, thick as London fog, is so integral to the book itself that, in many ways, it sets a new standard of authenticity for for any would-be autobiographer. And authenticity, of course--as opposed to solid musical chops--is what defines punk. J.S.H. © AudioFile 2015, Portland, Maine [Published: DECEMBER 2015]</p>

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<p>Trade Ed. • Simon &amp; Schuster Audio • 2015 </p>

CD ISBN <span itemprop="isbn">9781442380332</span> $39.99
• Ten CDs

<p>DD ISBN <span itemprop="isbn">9781442380349</span> $23.99</p>

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<p><a href="/reviews/listing/?Author=Billy+Idol">More reviews by Billy Idol</a></p>
<p><a href="/reviews/listing/?Narrator=Billy+Idol">More reviews read by Billy Idol</a></p>

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